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I find the ending fantastic, along with the explanation of the novel's title which comes as an interesting surprise, at least to those of us with no experience in the stamp business...

He embraced his animate-ness and stopped his meaningless yo-yoing.Ok, so a few days ago i finished reading this book and I would like to discuss a few points, if anyone's interested.WARNING: I intend to talk about the ending and various plot details so if you haven't read the book i suggest you avoid this thread (or at least my posts).Dear Guzman, I perused V about three years ago -- after already having taken up with Lot 49, which I read as a continuation of Pynchon's personal quest to make sense of a mystery that has troubled every inquiring literary mind for the past 400 years.On the latter book I can elaborate fully, which may help you make sense of the former, as it did for me.

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There is also the matter that she (V) is supposed to be the same as Victoria Wren and the german woman in Mondaguen's story but I find their attitudes or their personalities very different. becoming more and more inanimate, being a reaper of death and whatnot.

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