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Minoas Editions (Εκδόσεις Μίνωας) had previously released several books with stories/comics/stickers/puzzles/coloring pages of Sponge Bob.

In 2014, new books and re-releases were released by Pedio Editions.

Please help this Wiki by making this article clean and tidy! Μπομπ Σφουγγαράκης (Bob Sfoungaráki̱s) is the Greek dub of Sponge Bob Square Pants.It had to do with the show, and the pasta would represent the main characters.During airings of the series on Channel Nine, ESR (The National Council for Radio and Television) started thinking that the show has controversial scenes with violence and sex and that Sponge Bob is transexual, as he passes most of the time with Patrick.Cartoons far superior to any pedagogical point of view, displaying ideals and values ​​particularly beneficial to young children who build their personality.Motion-productive cartoons of the 1970s, yet so modern that for decades, they have entertained and enthused generations and generations of children with their adventures.

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