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As Rebecca Solnit says about one such improvised kitchen organizers, Just as her kitchen was one of many spontaneously launched community centers and relief projects, so her resilient resourcefulness represents the ordinary response in many disasters.

If you are looking for ideas within a two hour's drive from San Francisco, Monterey is a great This gallery is based on the theme of Coming to California an idea that evokes not only the arrivals and departures of people throughout human history and their interactions with the inhabitants already here, but also the notion of coming to terms with the influence of California on our individual and collective identities.Exhibit can be found at the Oakland Museum of California, 1000 Oak Street, Oakland.Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.415.447.5000The striking architecture of Chinatown is explored from its beginnings in the mid-19 century through the rebuilding following the Great Earthquake & Fire of 1906 to its presence as one of the countrys most vibrant and enduring neighborhoods.

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