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Of course, the most likely explanation is that these statistics are fairly representative of any random population.But Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashley Madison, had a different (and now painfully ironic) take on the data: “I’m not surprised to see that Google came out on top when it came to our members’ choices for email providers, browsers and mobile phones,” he said in the formal press release.What excites me the most is his furniture collection – that he designed himself.For me the apartment is almost a showroom for the jaw-dropping pieces.The Ashley Madison press release gradually raises suspicions when it claims that 69 percent (yes, exactly 69 percent) of the female users on Ashley Madison are mothers, and then adds that moms report feeling especially ready for an extramarital fling in the days following Mother’s Day.

His loosely constructed, cleverly tailored garments are almost always black, if not a muted colour or shade.Ashley Madison often brags that the day following Mother’s Day is a busy day in the infidelity business.After polling 2,865 unfaithful mothers, Ashley Madison concluded that the average cheating mom is 31 years old, married five years or less and has a young daughter.Ashley Madison found that its millions of cheaters like their software like their relationships: open-source.Their top email service provider was Gmail (37.03%), the top web browser was Chrome (52.09%) and the mobile device of choice was Android (53.21%).

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“They may also be receiving less help from their husbands as men tend to be more helpful in raising sons than daughters, which leaves them resentful.” Translation: Ashley Madison blames little girls for their mothers’ affairs. Ashley Madison also claims that it sees significant spikes in female membership around Valentines Day.

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