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Thank you universe and all the angels and any mortal who has helped me on my way. Thank you for their kind words, their reprimand, their love, their sweetness, their smiles, their criticism, their praise." "I had given up on the idea that God was real. For me, it was watching a Joel Olsteen Sermon on TV in a hotel room.

Trust me, I am not into TV sermons and wasn't looking for it, but nevertheless, it was on and caught my attention.

In other words, it's not what or who you believe in, but striving to keep positive thoughts and living in a place of gratitude that will change your perspective and ultimately your life.

Try it for one week and see/feel the you have to lose. " "I am so grateful for Lee and the unconditional love he has given me.

I was so busy living without having appreciation with what I had. Thank you Universe for existing, life if so beautiful!

" "That I have had the chance to question religion, become an atheist, and therefore escape my indoctrination.

thank you and god bless." "I am grateful for a dear spirit named Chloe who has entered into our lives and celebrating her first birthday today.

She is surrounded by wonderful parents and family who support and love them in so many ways.

The pain in my stomach in dealing with many stresses, challenges and difficult decisions is not easy.May God guide and look over her always to allow her to be and do what she is here for... " "I am so grateful that we have websites like this one to help us FEEL all the things we have to be grateful for.And for websites like https:// to help us with all the questions we have about God and deep things." "That I live in a well developed place- Boston- or basically USA, and that I'm very well off because of my hard working parents- businesspeople. It feels good to wite down some words and realsie what there is in this life that can inspire us.There is so much to be grateful for and I appreciate the daily reminders. Thank you heavenly Father for the life that I have! The universe is ours, just reach out let it reign over you." "For my dog, who waits at the door literally smiling when I come home.Thank you for opportunities which abound around me as I feel rich in abundance..for assistance in keeping me humble when necessary and for teaching me to accept, allow and let go of what is necessary. I want mine to be as happy,feisty,a little boredom I guess,someone who can be trusted and of help to others as long as I can! For the stars at the sky, which remind me that we are all one.

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