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Along the roadway across an arched bridge is a multi-arched stone aqueduct, called locally the Roman aqueduct [Photo 19].

You can visit the ancient water-powered flour and oil mills.

For the past decade or so, the band has played homage to their previous roots by covering Mother Love Bone’s infectious “Crowd of Thorns”.

Widely considered Mother Love Bone’s essential hit, it’s now become a live staple of Pearl Jam’s sets, which is why it makes sense that Cameron Crowe would use the track in the upcoming documentary, will recognize the song, as it appeared on the film’s soundtrack.) This particular cut is stripped from Pearl Jam’s Las Vegas gig at the MGM Grand, dating all the way back to 10/22/2000.

The sundial is in the center of the building, at a height between the two rows of windows.

The current village was built in the 11th century It was fortified more thoroughly around 1542 when King François 1st declared Entrevaux a Royal Town in the Kingdom of France.It's worth the walk just for the view, and even more for visiting the interior of the citadel's rooms, courtyards and donjon.There's a good map at the top showing how to tour the citadel.Cost is 3 euros, including access to the citadel and the Powder-Magazine Museum: you'll need euro coins for the automatic "jeton" dispenser at the entrance.The walk up the walled and cobblestoned walkway is about 20 minutes, even with the occassional stop for photos (and to catch your breath).

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A longer tour of the citadel and the poudrière museum is required if you have an interest in history of Mediveal defenses.

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