Deadline for validating european patent

Kabul prefers trade with Moscow over Washington due to Putin canceling Afghanistan’s Soviet-era debt and his aid “to rehabilitate the country” — while the US, looked upon as foreign invaders, has contributed nothing to develop Afghanistan’s infrastructures.of mineral reserves — perhaps the richest in the region.

The May 14, 2009 Russian-Afghan Forum, the first of its kind, is confirmation of Russia’s desire to further economic relations with Afghanistan.

“Our mission is to deliver high, long-term returns while maintaining a low level of risk to the benefit of current and future pensioners.

i Zettle’s rapid yet sustainable growth and what they are doing for small businesses around the globe supports the potential we see in the company,” says Olof Jonasson, Head of Equities at Första AP-fonden, AP1.

We look forward to follow i Zettle more closely in the future,” says Anders Oscarsson, Head of Equities at AMF.

The majority of shares were acquired from Santander Innoventures, who will continue to retain a stake in i Zettle.

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