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As recently as 2005, excavations revealed two successive stone-built amphitheaters with wooden seating, one of them similar to that found in Pompeii.

In Roman times, the site was used for entertainment and military training by the famed 20th Legion, a fact that is especially impressive as you stand on the very spot where such activities took place some 2,000 years ago.

The abbey in turn became a cathedral when, following the Dissolution, a new diocese was created by Henry VIII in 1541.

The Lady Chapel and Chapter House are Early Gothic (post 1240); most of the choir is High Gothic (1280-1315); and the tower, west front, and upper part of the nave are Late Gothic (1485-90).

Watergate Street has several exceptional half-timbered houses, including God's Providence House, built in 1652 and so named as its inhabitants were spared the plague, and Bishop Lloyd's House, with its beautiful carvings.

Leche House (1579) also has elaborate half-timbering, as does richly-decorated Stanley Palace (1591).

These rows are found in all four of the town's main streets which, following the Roman town plan, meet at right angles at the market cross.

In Eastgate, Bridge, and Watergate Streets, the galleries are at first floor level, while in Northgate Street they're mostly at ground level.

The finest part of Chester Cathedral, its Early Decorated Choir, certainly deserves to be visited, even if it's all you see of this magnificent building.Among Chester's most distinctive features are its galleried walkways, with their many shops running the length of the old stone and half-timbered buildings.Dating from the 14th century, the Chester Rows evolved from houses and shops built partly in front of (and partly on top of) piles of rubble left from the Roman ruins.By far the greatest influence on the city, however, was its maritime trade from the 12th to 14th centuries, which brought with it commercial and cultural prosperity.The Old City has been a conservation area for more than 50 years and retains numerous well-preserved half-timbered houses, as well as the Rows, its magnificent two-tier medieval arcades.

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