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It would be like me experiencing issues in a relationship and saying “Is it because I is black?” *adopts Ali G voice* For a start, if it was your appearance, it would mean you were with a superficial partner who avoids the real issues and any of their own inadequacies by blaming your appearance which is denial, delusion, and hideous. I'm used to people butchering the pronunciation and spelling of my name. Recently I wrote about the trouble with being blinded by intelligence which is placing a high value on what you perceive to be someone’s intellect and then correlating it to the rest of them and assuming that they possess other attractive qualities, characteristics, and values including being relationship smart.If you don’t like and love you and despise your appearance, you’ll believe people see the things that you hate too, which will cloud your judgement about why they say and do things.Readers get in touch about sex issues – they think that if they can get the sex on track that everything else will fall into place – that shows they overvalue sex and believe it’s a cure all.

It’s like saying“I think you’re a really superficial person so let’s be superficial together.” You know what diet you need? Shed some pounds of denial and get a full focus view of people before you ‘reach’ for appearance again. “Everybody this” and “People that” – you’re in there too.In much the same way, I find that people are blinded by appearance.They believe that it gives them more coins in the relationship kitty or they prioritise appearance when choosing partners, or they believe they’re experiencing problems in their relationship, are single or are experiencing issues in other areas of their life because of it.If you think you’re experiencing problems in your life due to your appearance, I’m a firm believer that everything is contextual.If you take one thing and run with it and don’t apply context, it becomes grossly distorted.

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