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During the later stages of her career she was a hospice nurse, something that explains the “giving” nature that Bobbie had in her heart.

It takes a very special person to work hospice, Bobbie had that ability.

Bobbie had a side of her that many would say was unusual, that’s because they didn’t understand her. She once explained to me that she had worked with another bigfoot group early in her bigfoot research and the leader of that group had threatened her, physically and with litigation.

He had made innuendos that he knew where she lived and she was afraid of physical harm.

Working together under the theme of one team, one direction is huge in the transition to life skills.

Lloyd was one of the few researchers in our arena that had made the transition and applied his athletic teachings.

Many years ago I was reading every book, article and website that dealt with bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, hairy man, etc, and it was during that effort that I crossed paths with Bobbie Short.

You don’t need to be a high flying professor at an Ivy league institution to understand Lloyd’s presentations.

One of his strength’s was his ability to speak to the masses, to have everyone understand the linkage he made in his theories.

Many people have asked me how Bobbie first got her interest in bigfoot.

She was camping with friends near the Marble Mountains Wilderness Area in Northern California, got up early one morning to use the restroom and had a female bigfoot cross closely by her.

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